Use Dedicated Proxies to Scrape LinkedIn Public Profile

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2018)

Many websites are using data scraping to gather the information they need for their website. In this method data or information is extracted from any website with the help of a software program. The information extracted is used by different websites for different purposes like data from LinkedIn website is used to gather professional and personal information about professionals.


LinkedIn and Data Scraping


There are many sites whose data are scarped among which LinkedIn is a most common one. This social networking site is mainly for professionals and it is mainly for business networking rather than just social networking like Facebook. It also gives opportunity to make groups of relevant job profiles or people from local area so that they can contact other professionals easily.

Thus, it is clear that for any business the data of LinkedIn is a goldmine and if it can be scraped they can utilize it in various ways. Now, getting data individually is a tedious job and sometimes it is not possible, hence with the help of scarping software the same data can be gathered within few minutes.

data scarping on LinkedIn

When it is so easy to get any relevant information you want, the site must have also put some check on their site. Hence, there are high chances that if you use your IP address for fetching the data it will be banned and you cannot use this website again. Thus, the simplest solution to this is to use proxies to scrape LinkedIn public profile.

When you use  proxies for scraping on LinkedIn with your own IP address will be masked and nobody can identify from where the data is fetched.


Dedicated Proxies for LinkedIn Scraping Without IP banned


It is well known that with the help of a proxy you can alter your IP address to bypass website filterand while sitting in East Coast you can use an Dedicated IP address of West Coast. Now, you are free to use the scraping software that will gather necessary information like name, email address, contact number and others from the various LinkedIn profiles.

However, although you are using a proxy there are still chances that they may be banned. In such cases you will not be identified but you have to use another IP address. The solution is you can have a number of Proxies and use them alternatively.

dedicated proxies for linkedin

LinkedIn or other sites are always monitoring that who are fetching data from them. Thus, your aim is to look normal and try to gather data as if it is done by different people and not the same one.

There are various scarper or data tool that are useful for data scarping from LinkedIn like LinkedIn scrapping SoftwareLinkedIn scarper toolLinkedIn scrapper and others. by using these software and proxies you can scrape necessary data from the website.

While you use proxies to scrape LinkedIn profile you must remember to clear the cookies regularly so that you are not under any suspicion. Also the proxies must be purchased from a well-known supplier and not from anyone who sells them at low cost. In such case you may find that most of the proxies are already banned!

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With scarping you can uncover a lot of LinkedIn information provided that you are using the proxies and the scraping software diligently and Don’t worry the IP banned.

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5 thoughts on “Use Dedicated Proxies to Scrape LinkedIn Public Profile

  1. What an exact clarification you have. I agree with you if you want to scrap all websites then you should have list of proxies. I am not agree to use shared or free proxies there may be a risk of expiration. If you are using private proxies for example Microleaves Dedicated Proxies Then you can scrap data whatever you want. You method to scrap linkdn data is Amazing. I will try to scrap another website as you indicate the process of scrap linkdn via dedicated proxies. Really i appreciate your work and looking forward to read something more interesting from your side. Keep updating and keep helping.

    1. I suggest you can use YourPrviateProxy which provide stable and fast socks5 proxies, And you if want to find some of other cheap socks proxy provider, The ProxyBonanza also another good choice on value.

      1. I am trying to crawl linkedin in AWS server. I am getting 999 error which doesn’t seem to go. Can you suggest me how to proceed in AWS

        1. When show “999 Error” not same “502 Error” or other technological Error, that’s just AWS Defense system which prevent your continue to surf or access their web server,

          I think you’re set too many tasks to requests in short time..these too many tasks in a second really just like DoS attacks,And your proxies are may be already banned by AWS.

          You need to set timeout and decrease threads to avoid this 999 Error.

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