Which is best for Copping Sneakers: Residential Proxies or Datacenter Proxies?

Copping Sneakers is not an easy task. Sneakers are sold out in seconds, and it is just speed and having all resources ready that helps one to cop sneakers. Your IP address has to remain hidden if you are going to cop many sneakers. Only one product per IP is the norm and if you need more, you need proxies to keep your identity hidden.

proxies for footsites

The internet proxy acts as a middleman that helps to hide your IP address. It also hides the user’s location and his traffic habits on the internet. If you intend to cop sneakers, you can make use of these internet proxies to gain anonymity and grab a sneaker for yourself from the limited-edition offers that gets sold off, almost immediately, when the sale begins. There are various tips and tricks available to make use of such opportunities. Copping sneaker is a fantasy dream of sneaker lovers. For one, they can showcase the sneakers on their foot, which everyone adores possessing, but are unable to lay their hands on. Another reason to cop these sneakers is to resell these limited-edition sneakers to others at a high premium. You can also cop many sneakers and use one for yourself and sell the others at a premium. Well, it is a win-win situation either way.

Using Proxies to Get a Sneaker

Proxies play an essential role in copping sneakers. If you are going to buy just a single pair of sneaker, you will not require any proxy, but if you want many and are using many accounts to procure the limited-edition sneakers, you will expect proxies. When you purchase your sneakers using the proxy, the deal gets done, only when the proxies are not banned. Each bill has to have the different address. That can do only when you make the deal using proxies.

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Features of Proxies

Users of proxies are provided with a different IP address so that all information regarding your IP, your location, etc. are hidden from others. You are granted anonymity, while you search through websites. That is especially useful when you are buying products such as sneakers from Adidas and Nike. You’re ISP, and IP address is hidden, and others cannot trace your real IP address. There is a wall between your IP and your external world. As proxies are related to spamming and damaging activities, they are banned by big corporations such as websites from Adidas and Nike when they sell limited products.

Types of Proxies

Sneaker users generally use 2 types of paid proxies. They are datacenter proxies and residential proxies. The free proxies are not suitable to buy sneakers, as there are subnet bans on the those free shared proxies which everyone can access. People do not like such free or shared proxies, as the chances of getting banned, when they are in the middle of their shopping spree, is very high.

Which to Choose: Residential Proxies or Datacenter Proxies?

Residential Proxies or datacenter proxies

When you get ready to cop your sneaker, you will be finding it difficult to choose the right proxy to get most number of limited-edition sneakers.

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As the choice is between the Residential Proxies and Datacenter Proxies, an analysis will help you to clear up on the choice. You need to make the analysis beforehand, to choose the right proxy, well ahead of the release date.

  • Residential proxies are IP addresses provided by a standard Internet Service Provider. The DSL or cable is used for this purpose, which is fitted inside your home. In this, the web server can identify your location and the ISP provider and the chances of these proxies to get banned are slim because of this factor.
  • Datacenter proxies are provided by a secondary corporation. They are almost like a proxy, as they help to hide your IP address to your web server.
  • When you are adding sneakers to your cart on Nike or Adidas website and if you are using the datacenter proxies, these sneaker websites will be able recognize that you are making use of an atypical access, which is not residential and the chances of being banned becomes very high. If you are using the residential proxy, the server will be able to accept the legitimacy of your server and accept you, as residential proxies are more anonymous and safer. They are not viewed with a suspicious eye and you will get a safe checkout when you use the websites of Nike and Adidas.
  • Datacenter proxies have cloud server providers that many use. Retailers and websites have found that by mitigating the users of such datacenter proxies, they can reduce the traffic of customers interested in buying products through their websites.  It is easy for websites to ban datacenter proxies.
  • Residential proxies are considered to be used by genuine users with proper IP’s. As residential proxy users are tied to an ISP, they are considered to be genuine. Datacenter proxies are the first on the chopping list. As the residential IP address is available, your details are associated with the IP address and its location. The public IP address and information will be available when you are checked. However, when someone tries to see through you IP address, only the address of your datacenter proxy will be provided.
  • It is assumed that all those who have nefarious intentions use datacenter IPs. It is also assumed that they are involved in various spamming activities and for malicious purposes. Datacenter IP proxies can be bought in bulk at a cheaper rate. Hence, those who are involved in malpractices opt for datacenter proxies as they are cheaper and can be bought in bulk. Legitimate users are considered to use residential IPs and are found to be more trustworthy.

Datacenter IP proxies are still works on foot sites and Shopify Sites, which is cheaper and faster than the Residential IP proxies, so if you’re just plan to cop on the footsites like EastBay, Sneaker-n-stuff, Footaction and so on, the datacenter IPs are still works for that, so Dedicated Proxy is also the good choice for foot sites.

Online Purchase Hassles

When you purchase products like Nike and Adidas online on the websites, you will have to understand a few hassles connected with it.

  • The release date has to be verified. The timing should also be checked. The timing has to be checked. If the sale is at midnight, the timing may differ for eastern, pacific and GMT zones.
  • As there is huge traffic, there are chances for the deal facing hiccups during the payment process on sites such as Amazon or Nike. Buyers should be wary of such hassles during the buying process.
  • These websites may pre-pone the release timing and date. Customers should hence keep a check on the websites at least one week prior to the release date.
  • The payment mode should not pose a problem to the buyer, after it has been carted.
  • When products are sold at different locations, the buyer can make his purchase from different locations using the right proxies and right accounts.

Using Residential Proxies for Nike and Adidas 

Make sure that you get residential proxies that are most reliable. Good proxies are rare to find and if you find good ones, you should use them.


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