New Top Private Proxy Service – – Proxy-N-VPN and InstantProxies

As we all want to use fresh proxies for SEO or IM(internet marketing),but some of proxy service is really old enough that they Often provide old private proxy,so we recommend you try to use some of new proxy service for new always can get fresh proxies.

The top 2 new private proxy service is, Proxy-N-VPN and InstantProxies. Both provide highly cost effective is the proxy service detail.


Features Of  Their Private Proxies:

proxy-n-vpn•10 proxies:$22.65/month

•Non Sequential IP’s

•Totally Private IP’s

•Proxies for Ticketmaster Classified Ads

•Multiple Subnets

•Unlimited Bandwidth

•High Anonymous Proxies

•99% Up-time Guarantee

•Setup Time (5 Mins to 2 Hours max)

•24/7 Support , Fast Response
Proxy-N-Vpn provides High Speed Dedicated Craigslist ProxiesInstagram ProxiesTicketmaster Proxies and Gaming proxies.High Speed Highly Anonymous Private Proxies Specially Optimised for SEO Tools Like Tweet Demon, Tweet Adder, Scrapebox,Xrumer..Now Proxy-N-VPN offer 10% discount to their service.





  1. George H. says:

    The proxies speed and response time are awesome, doubtfully you can find better quality private proxies. Scraping search engines, Facebook and Twitter posting/analyzing and general “hide my IP” functionality is top notch. Great service and they seem to know the importance of not keeping their customers waiting.

  2. Carlos Suarez says:

    I’m using these proxies with Scrapebox and they are very very very fast! I contacted support and they answered in less then 10 minutes providing the best solution for my needs.

  3. David says:

    The private proxies work super well. Had some problems with multiple proxy services and it all stopped when I switched to these guys.

    I find a lot of services end up giving out proxies that have been more than abused and are banned in multiple service. With THIS SERVICE, you get quality, as promised.


Features Of  Their Private Proxies:


instantproxies•10 proxies:$10/month

•Non-Sequential IPs

•Test Before You Buy

•Unlimited Bandwidth

•Support test/ping by proxies

•Elite Anonymity

•Subnet Variety

•Worldwide Locations

•99%+ Network Uptime

•24/7 Support , Fast Response,Guaranteed Quality
Instantproxies service provide quality and private HTTP/HTTPs proxies. You can test/ping to General Browsing(theirsite),Amazon,Craigslist,Facebook,Google,Pinterest,Ticketmaster,Twitter,Yahoo,Youtube by proxies.Their proxies works through ip authentication.Username/password option is not available.You can use proxies for webmailing, But SMTP is blocked with our proxies. Proxy maximum connection is 10.





  1. GFWlover says:

    Almost everything is great. But China communist government can see all activities by using their proxies. So it doesn’t work in China.

  2. Marketing expert says:

    I like InstantProxies for their cost-effective and easy to use.

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Craigslist Proxies – The best proxy to solve Craigslists problems and have online security

Did you every post any of your business or coaching service Ad on Cragslist website? Did you view any of your use Ad on it anytime? If you have, then hope you have an idea about what it is and what are its functions to make your business ad active. At present, every person is passionate to use the internet and make everything possible in a short time with several transactions online. All the transactions will remain secure only when there is a safe solution in the form of proxy servers.

proxies for Craigslist

As Cragslist is the complex sites on the globe and many individuals are using the website at a same time. You can post your ad on this site and advertise your products all over the world within minutes and in case if your ad is not presented on the website then the situation to take the help of Cragslists proxies arises  which is worthy to display the ad. Nowadays, multiple companies are connected with providing these services as they  are more in demand and popular for the consistent and exceptional services.


Need to buy Cragslist proxies


If you are excited to post your ad on Cragslist website then it is not so easy and simple as everyday crowds of people use and post their ads on the site and sometimes your ad may fail to appear on the site. At this moment, the Craglists proxies hide the original IP address of your website and present some encrypted codes.

You need to understand about the need to buy premium of Cragslists proxies which can make everything safe and possible to advertise your products and services on it. It perfectly works for the concern and allows you to have a hassle free and frequent posting of ads online.


How to buy Cragslists proxies as a measure of security?


These days, every technical action requires safety and the people who place their ads online must be more concerned with security. If you are one of them, then you have Cragslists proxies is the best way to enhance your business market online  as it provides value and profits to your business.

Private Proxy Service for Craigslist



squidproxies Service
$3  –  1 Proxy
$10 – 29 Proxies
$25 – 67.5 Proxies
$50 – 130 Proxies
Multiple Cities/ Subnets
No program restrictions
Monthly Randomize-Yes

Private/Shared VPN

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sslprivateproxy Service
$650 – 250 Proxies
$1150 -500 Proxies
45,000+ dedicated IP’s
Classified Ads proxies
Proxie for Social Media

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limeproxies Service
$150 – 50 Proxies
$300 – 100 Proxies
$900 – 300 Proxies
Free trial available
20+ Global Locations
Works on all classified ads

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Most of the users are having this proxy server to access the web in a fearless can get it from any of the genuine service providers to make all your online transactions like banking, online shopping safe without losing any crucial information. The paid proxies are considered more effective than free proxies as sometimes free proxy servers prove to be risky.


Essential points to consider when buying paid Cragslist proxy


  • While going for a genuine and paid package of proxy, ensure that you are provided with perfect and proper security in surfing the web and completely need to hide your IP address with data and information.
  • Check as a test by posting your ad on the Cragslists site to make sure that you are able to show the ad on it to viewers.

Inevitably, you can consult the best service company and get the proxy service and excel in business.


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How To Use Your Craigslist Proxies – Some Feasible Tips

While it may be difficult to get any private dedicated proxies for Craigslist easily at affordable rates, you can still post to Craigslist without much hassle by using simple private proxies. It’s natural that dedicated proxies will be costly, and not for everyone. Different users have different budget, and you will have to suit your needs accordingly. Therefore the best way to meet your needs is by finding and practicing other secure ways which would give your ads a nice camouflage and make you undetectable from one location.

proxies for Craigslist

You get the best offers to find and place on Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to find great offers, products and services. You can get practically all sorts of offers on all budgets. No other place is as effective as the multi populated Craigslist listings and even if you bang your head you won’t get such nice resources, listings, ads and variety anywhere else than Craigslist. There are people who swear by the variety of listings on Craigslist, and you are bound to locate a good service there.

Similarly as a seller, you can sell practically anything, once your ads find a nice page ina Craigslist page. This is one of the most effective places on net to place an ad, and whichever location you place your ad from, you would definitely get some traffic and view for the ads; such is the popularity of Craigslist.

The location restrictions you face with Craigslist

The main problem buyers and sellers face while surfing or posting ads in Craigslist are the restrictions. Normally you are not allowed to post an ad on Craigslist, if you are from some other location and want to post an ad about another location different from your current one. Similarly, you cannot view ads on Craigslist, if you are from another location and are trying to view ads and offers on some other part of the world.

How to find a way out

To wave off this restriction you need to use proxies to change your system IP. That is the best way to camouflage your IP, and fool the Craigslist server. Then only, you can make your way through their server imposed restrictions, and place an ad or view an ad which is from other locations than your current one.

Use of proxies

People often debate over the topic that, which type of proxies are best for Craigslist viewing or submissions. Well the truth is,it depends more on your posting style than the proxies.If you are a daily poster then you need to alter and modify your writing style in the ads.

That is the best way to keep the patrolling eyes off your posts. Once they find similarities, your ads will get ghosted. No doubt the best proxies for Craigslist is use private dedicated proxies, So their is many proxy service provide the Craigslist proxies, Here’s some good proxies for Craigslist that we’re already test and work great service.

1. Proxy-N-VPN – –  10 Proxies – $29/Month,Virgin IPs

2. Limeproxies – –  10 Proxies – $50/Month,1 Gbps Blistering Speed

3. SSLPrivateProxy – –  10 Proxies – $30/Month,Multiple Subnets

Instead of crying for dedicated proxies, you need to know how to make use of any type of proxy to avail the Craigslist pages. Public, private, dedicated; all types of Craigslist proxies would give you the proper result, when you will know that how often you need to change the proxies, and how differently you need to post every ad on Craigslist.


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