Guide to Proxies: What is proxy server & Advantages of Proxies

People working in the corporate network environment will know and understand the meaning of ‘proxy server’ and that without it, it is impossible to access websites and other networks. Most people have not about the term or may have come across it on the browsers of their devices but have never paid attention to its meaning. This article is written specifically for them. This article will explain the benefits and the more reason why they should understand and use proxies.

What is a proxy Server?

First, a proxy server is an intermediary or linkage between the internet and the device. It makes communication between your PC or device and the worldwide web (www).

what is the proxy server

How Does it works?

If you visit a website like from your browser which is set to a particular proxy server, a request is initiated and sent to the proxy server. The server then serves as an intermediary and sends the request to the server that is hosting the website. The host server then sends the page to you through the proxy server.

how DO proxy server works

Proxy servers are application-level gateways. A proxy allows you to tunnel around your own Internet Provider and to access the Internet without logging your own IP Address. This way you are able to browse the internet without being traced. Anyone will love to protect their identity and to boost his or her security from getting damaged, tampered with or hacked by a third party.


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